DDP, DDU and so on

Besides sea and air general services, ADVANCED FOR SHIPPING AND LOGISTES can offer professional door to door service such as DDP & DDU with support of perfect overseas agency network.
Door to door is the net to net transport service. After the carrier examine and receive the container from the warehouse or factory from the shipper who is responsible for loading the container, and the carrier will in charge of the entire transport, until the container delivery to the consignee’s warehouse or factory. Many important links need the operation from the reliable and capable oversea agents. And hold these strong oversea agent resource.

The convenience includes:
1. We arrange everything, both shipper and consignee won’t feel any trouble about delivery from one country to another.
2. We delivery containers to inland cities which shipping line can not.
3. We delivery containers to inland country that neither has the seaport nor the rail service.
4. We can solve the problem client may face regarding special trade needs and L/C.
The door to door service includes the haulage and custom clearance at port of loading, change C/O and the haulage to customer designated location at destination country.